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This is why I need to move out.

Oh hey! I’m back at work. Guess what? My dentist appointment wasn’t actually today after all. I made the appointment myself so I should have remembered, I even made a reminder in my phone for the actual appointment on Monday. The only reason why I went today was because last night my parents listened to the message the dentist office left me and they must have misunderstood it.

My dad was all, “Anna, remember you have a dentist appointment tomorrow!” And then this morning my mom chased me out of the house in her pyjamas yelling after me, “Ania!! Remember you have a dentist appiontment, TODAY!!” (except really it was in Polish). So naturally, I didn’t think to doubt them.

I drove all the way there, to Metcalfe, paid for parking then went in and the door was locked. Then BAM it hit me, and I imagined it would have been appropriate to see this poster on a wall somewhere:

I feel like I kind of set myself up for a list with the title of this post but I hadn’t really thought that far into it. It’s really just reoccurring situations like this that make me want to move out. I’m not irresponsible but my parents never let me deal with my own shit.

Well I guess I came all the way back to work… so I might as well actually do some.

Again, have a great weekend!


TGIF yay!

This week went by so quickly! I only had to work 3 days this week and I have a dentist appointment today at 3:00pm so I get to leave work early. I’m normally terrified of dentist appointments but it’s only a cleaning today and my dentist is a nice polish man. My mom likes him becasue they can speak in our first language, and I like him because that means I don’t have to do any talking.

I’m also going to look an apartment this evening which is pretty exciting. I’m going with Corey and two of his friends Chris, and Geoff, who might also be moving out with us. I felt a bit overwhelmed at first about moving in just the two of us, but now that his friends might be joining us we can get a bigger apartment and pay less rent. I’m also relieved that Corey will have someone to play Xbox with becasue I was nervous that my gaming skills just wouldn’t cut it. This is the link for the apartment we are taking a look at tonight:

It almost seems to good to be true, but I will follow up with that on Monday.

 Unfortunately though, I think I may have salmonella poisoning or some terrible stomach condition because my stomach has felt like garbage for the last three days. I’ve been running back and forth between the bathroom and my cubicle and it’s driving me crazy. My mom keeps feeding me natural remedies like Swedish Bitter and peppermint tea, but nothing seems to help. This is what I imagine the inside of my stomach looks like right now:

That poor bear has been trapped in my stomach for three days now. I don’t think he’s going to make it.

Well, I think I’ve wasted enough time here. I’d better get back to work. People are relying on my unbeatable and irreplaceable… printing skills right now so I’d better not keep them waiting.

Have a nice weekend!


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