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This is why I need to move out.

Oh hey! I’m back at work. Guess what? My dentist appointment wasn’t actually today after all. I made the appointment myself so I should have remembered, I even made a reminder in my phone for the actual appointment on Monday. The only reason why I went today was because last night my parents listened to the message the dentist office left me and they must have misunderstood it.

My dad was all, “Anna, remember you have a dentist appointment tomorrow!” And then this morning my mom chased me out of the house in her pyjamas yelling after me, “Ania!! Remember you have a dentist appiontment, TODAY!!” (except really it was in Polish). So naturally, I didn’t think to doubt them.

I drove all the way there, to Metcalfe, paid for parking then went in and the door was locked. Then BAM it hit me, and I imagined it would have been appropriate to see this poster on a wall somewhere:

I feel like I kind of set myself up for a list with the title of this post but I hadn’t really thought that far into it. It’s really just reoccurring situations like this that make me want to move out. I’m not irresponsible but my parents never let me deal with my own shit.

Well I guess I came all the way back to work… so I might as well actually do some.

Again, have a great weekend!


The New Tourist Photo


I know… it’s been a while since I last posted. I had five days off for Easter so I decided to take advantage of my time and spend it outdoors instead of in front of a computer screen. I never got the chance to post yesterday either becasue I was swamped at work and I also had an essay to finish for my American Literature class.

That being said, I came across a funny blog today which is entirely devoted to one thing… face down photos…

Lynn and Michael Chealander and Amy Mihyang started this project in 2006 and since then facedown photos have been taken  in over 2 dozen countries and at least 10 American states. On their blog they explain that there is no real purpose but continue to say that:

“Instead there is a focus on the locations and the relationship we all have with the quintessential ‘tourist photo.’ Don’t think about it too much though. We’ll be delighted if you’re simply amused.”

Here are some photos of their work from different places around the world.

Alaskan Way Viaduct. Seattle, USA.

Balcon de Europa. Nerja, Spain.

City Gate. Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay.

Montreal, Canada.

They have taken tons of these photos around the world, all of which are both scenic and amusing to look at. I think this project is great because it is unique and fun and definitely a step away from your typical smile and pose pictures. Plus, I’m sure they shock tons of tourists on a daily basis which is a bonus.



Trip to Cuba

So today is not a great day… reasons: a) I’m worried that I lost my favourite sweater, b) I’m having some lady issues, c) I wanted to go shopping and deal with a misinformed parking lot attendant concerning a ticket he administered last night without precedent but I forgot my wallet at Corey’s place, d) I still have the same cold I’ve had for over a week. But…. it’s all good because last night Corey and I booked our trip to CUUUUBAAA!!!

This is the way my parents show me they love me. They nag and complain and nag and bitch about how terrible I am all year round and then they decide, for my 21st birthday, to give Corey and I $1000 to split to put towards a vacation for the two of us. I don’t know how that makes any sense at all but they adore Corey so I’m thinking this could just be their way of making him stick around. “Anna, I think we need to break up…”, “Yeah, I don’t think so. Remember that trip my parents paid for?” Hah!

We had been searching online for trips for a while but we actually ended up choosing one that my parents suggested. It is very affordable and it looks amazing but neither of us have been to Cuba before so we don’t really have anything to compare it to. The hotel we booked is called Sirenis La Selina and it’s right in Varadero. There are some pictures on this site, what do you think?


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