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Hope for a Better Future?

Tim’s friend John explains how Tim’s situation has given him, and others like them, hope. That the site has given him an oppurtunity to get a hand up out of poverty, as appose to a hand out. They do not expect us to get them out of their situations, they just need our help to get started. Smarter words than one would normally assume to hear from a homeless man.

I think this marketing campaign is very effective because Tim’s many YouTube videos and live webcasts could be both liberating and upliftning to all people living on the streets – if they ever have the means to watch them.


Pimp This Bum

Sharpie Marker….$1

Cardboard . . . . $3

Tim . . . . .  $100

Using Internet Marketing to Fight Homelessness . . . Priceless.

I’ve decided to repost this post from my other blog that I had started for a University Media class.

I read this in the newspaper and found it very interesting and quite unique because I had never seen anything like this before – using a website to save a life. If there is any good that comes out of new media, certainly this is it.

The website is on which Tim, a real homeless man, is the main focus. Tim was once an office manager with a house and a car and now he lives at Highway 6 and I-10 in Houston, Texas. He was given a website in hope that this movement would change his life. The more visits to this website the greater the benefit for Tim and his homeless friends because 100% of all contributions to the site go out to Tim and others like him who truly want to get their lives back on track.

I like that the title of the website is deliberately insulting to everyone else in society because it really does catch attention, as it did mine.  This is something that I will tell my friends and I know  people will actually be interested in checking it out. The more the word spreads, the better chance there is of getting Tim and his friends off the streets.

Check out his site, its worth it!


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