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Jamie T – Sheila

Fuck impressing these people. I just want to blog!!

Sometimes when I’m feeling especially energetic or passionate about something I like to listen to this song and sing it really load in the car. I’ve listened to it so many times that I know all the words and this is a rap song so that’s pretty impressive. I don’t really like rap but this is English rap and that clearly makes it very different.

Jamie T (Jamie Alexander Treays) is a 24-year-old singer/songwriter from Wimbledon, South London. He has two albums out and they are called Panic Prevention and Kings & Queens. Check out his myspace:

The song “Sheila” is from the album Panic Prevention and here it is:


Music Monday on Tuesday – White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes


I was really busy at work yesterday and never got the chance to post… but I really love this song and I keep getting the tune stuck in my head so I’m going to post it anyway, even though it’s not Monday.

I started listening to this band recently, although I must have listened to them in the past becasue I recognized some of the songs, I just never knew whose they were. They are called Fleet Foxes and they are an indie/folk band from Seattle. I guess I would describe their music as indie-harmonic-pop, or something like that.

It must seem like a bad pick considering that the weather has been so lovely lately, but if you pay attention to the lyrics the song is really about all of the seasons. The song is called “White Winter Hymnal” and it is the single from their 2008 self-titled album. Plus, the music video is all done with clay figurines which is very enjoyable : )


Okkervil River

Today neither my boss, nor my supervisor are here to make sure I do my work… so I have even more room to slack off than on a regular day. Trust me, it’s not that I’m lazy or that I don’ t want to work, I’m just physically incapable of focusing on this stuff for 7 hours of the day. Physically INCAPABLE.

It’s on days like today when I am reminded of a lyric from Okkervil River’s “Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe”, because they make me come to the sad realization that life is nothing like a movie and that most of the time I am just going through the motions with no purpose. This is my pick for this weeks MusicMonday, and the lyric I was thinking of is:

It’s just a life story, so there’s no climax.


Bon Iver

I know, I know, I missed Music Monday… not because I forgot though. I was sick all weekend and stayed home from work yesterday so I never got around to doing it.

However,  I did decide who to shine the spotlight on and that is Bon Iver. The one man band consists of  Justin Vernon and his chilling vocals. The first song I ever heard by Bon Iver was “Skinny Love” and I’ve been a dedicated listener ever since.

When I listen to Bon Iver I always think of the story behind the recording of his first album, For Emma, Forever Ago. In short, Justin Vernon moved to Northwestern Wisconsin to spend three months of winter in a secluded cabin in the woods. His goal was to tough out the winter on his own, but never to record an album. He seldom used anything more than an old acoustic guitar and occasionally a bass drum, however, he added to the overall sound of the record by singing the majority of vocals in falsetto. The recording was done entirely by Justin Vernon himself, with nothing more than some old recording equipment and a few microphones. The result is an orchestral sound which really helps you feel his lyrics.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s because of the way it was recorded, or maybe it’s because of the name “Bon Iver” itself which in French means “good winter”, but I find that this is the perfect album to listen to on cold wintery days. Even his second solo album Blood Bank feels like a winter album to me. I know winter is almost over, but it was chilly on the weekend and I was depressed from my cold, so Bon Iver seemed like the best choice then too.

Read more of Bon Iver’s bio and listen to the rest of the album here:


Giant Hand

I have come across so many great bands recently that I have decided to start up a “Music Monday” where I’ll put the spotlight on one artist and pick one song to share each Monday.

My pick this week is Giant Hand, the one man band consisting of the amazing and talented Kirk Ramsay. He performed the following song at “Pop Montreal” in 2009, but I think this video is better quality and it seems to have been filmed at his own place. I don’t know what the song is called but here it is:

Kirk Ramsay’s myspace page tells of modest beginnings ( ). Two years ago, Kirk found himself watching “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” and was inspired to make the same kind of honest, unprocessed music as the famous outsider artist in the documentary.

His story is especially inspiring to me because I have been trying to learn guitar, or meaning to, for many years but have always become discouraged or found excuses to put it off. At the time when Kirk decided he wanted to make music, he didn’t even own a guitar, nor did he know how to play one. He just gathered up a few belongings and traded them in at a local music store for his first acoustic guitar. He then taught himself to play without bothering to learn anyone else’s songs, instead he went right into recording his own demo by using an old microphone that happened to be lying around in his apartment.

When he became Giant Hand things started moving fairly quickly for Kirk. His first show was in the basement of a record store and only a month later he opened for one of my favourite bands Born Ruffians, he then went on to play his third ever show at Ottawa Bluesfest.

I saw Giant Hand on MTV a couple of weeks ago and I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot more of this nice fellow in the future.


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