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Disney releases new documentary “Oceans” to celebrate Earth Day

I was just checking what movies are playing in theaters right now and found out that Disney made an underwater version of Earth called Oceans and it came out today.

So watch the trailer for Oceans below, and have a great Earth Day everyone!


The Last Song

I didn’t want to post this because to be honest I’m embarrassed that I went to go see this movie at all but… Corey’s sister Chloe won tickets to the screening of the Miley Cyrus movie The Last Song and invited me so I figured I might as well go, it’s free.

Okay so some parts were lame but, overall, I enjoyed it. I laughed. I cried. The dude was hot and he didn’t wear a shirt for half of the movie. I experienced emotions that only Twilight previously had the power to stir.

However, this is not at all a typical movie for me to see. For example the last movie I saw before this was Repo Men and it was a blood bath. Also, my general rule for movies is if it has dragons or magic in it, I will watch it.

All I have to say is, maybe a chick flick once in a while isn’t so bad after all.

This is the trailer:


Tribute to Jack White – Is there anything he can’t do?

John Anthony Gillis, better know to the world as Jack White, seems to have tackled every corner of the music industry. The American musician, of Scottish and Polish descent,  is a backup and lead vocalist, a guitarist, a pianist, and a record producer. He has been the backbone of many projects and has even taken on acting roles, not to mention he is now married to a supermodel.

In the 1990s, while working during the day as an upholsterer, Jack White was a part-time musician in various underground bands. The White Stripes was formed by him seven years later with his ex-wife Meg White.

In 2005 he formed The Raconteurs with Brendon Benson, Jack Lawrence, and Patrick Keeler. It was a good year for White because he also met his wife, British model Karen Elson, when she appeared in The White Strips music video for “Blue Orchid”. They got married later that same year.

In 2007 Jack White played Elvis Presley in the comedy Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story with John C. Reilly.

He collaborated with Alicia Keys to create the theme song for the James Bond film Quantum of Solace called “Another Way to Die” in 2008.

He formed the group The Dead Weather in 2009 with the front woman of The Kills. The band consists of Jack Lawrence from The Raconteurs on base, Dean Fertita from Queens of the Stone Age on keyboard, Jack White as backup vocals and drums, and Alison Mosshart from The Kills as lead vocals.

In 2009, he was featured in the film It Might Get Loud where he discusses electric guitars with Jimmy Page and The Edge. The same year, during the filming of the movie, he wrote and recorded his first solo single called “Fly Farm Blues”.

I was inipired to arrange this tribute to Jack White because I read recently that he and Jay-Z have just done a record together. If that isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is. They were recently working on a song together and White explained:

“It was incredible. I played him something that I’ve been kicking around for a while and he immediately came out with words for it. It’s unbelievable sounding.”

He confirmed that the pair had hooked up for the collaboration, but unfortunately wouldn’t reveal when, or if, it would be released.


Histerical Eclipse Trailer Reaction

Okay, first of all I have to admit that the Twilight saga is a guilty pleasure of mine. However, I take no offense to criticism of the book or movies or the acting because I know that, as a whole, Twilight is a TAD ridiculous.

I have read the books and watched the two movies, so naturally, I have been looking out for the new Eclipse trailer that was released today. During my search I also came across this little gem that I think anyone, fan or not, can enjoy.

Below is a reaction video of a devoted fan watching the new Eclipse trailer for the first time. For the full effect, I recommend clicking on this link to watch the actual trailer at the same time, that way you can see what this lovely lady is reacting to. I promise this will not disappoint.


The First Interactive Horror Movie

I came across this on StumbleUpon today and thought it  was pretty neat.

“Last Call” is a German movie developed by the company 13th Street.  It is an interactive horror film where the main character calls a random audience member for help. How does it work? The audience members supply their cell phone numbers before the movie begins, and at some point during the movie one phone number is selected to receive a call from the character on the screen. The character is able to take instructions due to voice recognition software that listens for the commands and the story unravels based on these instructions.

The inspiration behind the movie was the notion that moviegoers have always tried to help the protagonist by yelling “run!”, “hide!”, “look behind you!” and this new development lets them do just that. Take a look at the video to learn more:


The Runaways

I don’t think anyone is as excited to see this movie as I am. I have seen every movie that Kristen Stewart is in and I am not ashamed to say that I’m in love with her. People tear the girl apart and say that she is a terrible actress but I see her stuttering and awkward behaviour as endearing and sincere. I have watched the trailer for The Runaways a dozen times and my excitement only grows with each viewing. If you haven’t already seen the trailer, watch it now

The movie is based on the book “Neon Angels” that the lead singer, Cherrie Currie, of the real 70’s band The Runaways wrote to reflect on her experiences as a rockstar. The movie chronicles The Runaways lives from 1975 to 1977.

Here is a picture of the real band from the 70’s and a picture taken for the movie:


The movie comes out March 19th.


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