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Art blog entirely dedicated to “Where the Wild Things Are”

I’m supposed to be working on my CO-OP report right now but I got a little distracted and I came across this awesome blog entirely dedicated to Maurice Sendak’s beloved classic Where the Wild Things Are.

Cory Godbey is the creator of the blog and he has loved the book since his childhood. The blog he created contains a collection of works from various artists who share his love for the book. None of the work was done for a profit but has only been created out of admiration for Sendak and the blog is a tribute to his life and legacy.

Here are a couple of illustrations that stood out to me:

Cory Godbey

Juan Chavez


Check out the blog to see many more Where the Wild Things Are illustrations:


Threadless – Reprint Thursday

Every Thursday chooses some of their most popular t-shirts for re-print. They chose some pretty good ones today, but this one amazing.

The design “Hairwolves” is by Joe Van Wetering and it reminds me a lot of “Where the Wild Things Are”. I think the drawing and the choice of colour are just perfect for a t-shirt and the print is pretty cool on it’s own as well.


New Jersey Police on the Hunt for a “Midnight Knitter”

Something mysterious is going on in West Cape May, a small town in New Jersey. An individual, or group of knitting enthusiasts, are slowly colouring the town with knitted sweaters which are appearing on lamp posts and trees under the cover of darkness.

Guerilla knitter

New Jersey police are trying to catch this wool graffitti bandit but are receiving much protest about the search. Many residents of West Cape May, and even the Mayor Pam Kaithern, explain that they quite like the colour that has popped up and are even enjoying the mystery behind the affair.

To bring more attention to the project, the mystery knitter, or knitters, have started up a blog, and both Facebook  and MySpace pages all under the name “Salty Knits”.

I think this project is great and “Salty Knits” have my total support. Nature makes beautiful art on it’s own, but these knitted sweaters are just so damn cute. They add a bit of personality to an otherwise plain-looking suburban community.  My only wish is that someone would start something like this in Orleans!

Here are a few more examples of their work:


Kitsune Noir – Desktop Wallpaper Project

So I don’t know about everyone else, but I really appreciate a good desktop wallpaper. The best ones I’ve ever found have been on Bobby Solomon’s blog Kitsune Noir from his Desktop Wallpaper Project . The project consists of desktop wallpapers from various artists and a new one is added every week. If something really stands out to you, often the artist’s name is a link to their website, or design agency to which they belong,  to allow you to see more of their work.

Here are a few of my favorite wallpapers:

(Currently on my desktop at work… obviously, the motivational message is not working so well)

I enjoy reading the actual blog itself as well, as he covers a wide array of topics such as art and design, music, movies and food. I guarentee there is something on this blog for everyone.


Threadless – 10 Year Anniversary

If you haven’t already checked out this site then now is definitely a good time. Threadless is celebrating their 10th anniversary by selling all tees for only $10!

Threadless is a community-centered online apparel store, run by skinnyCorp of Chicago, Illinois, that was co-founded by Jake Nickell and Jacob Dehart. They started Threadless with $1000 which they won by entering an Internet t-shirt design contest and their company has been growing rapidly ever since.

The great thing about Threadless is that anyone can become a member and submit their own designs online. The designs that are submitted are then put to a public vote which anyone can participate in and a small percentage is selected for printing to eventually be sold through the online store.

Those who are lucky enough to have their designs selected receive $2000 in cash, a $500 gift certificate, as well as an extra $500 for every re-print of their design.

Here are a few of my favorite designs:


Check out their website to see more:


Urikane Parker

Damn. Another Monday already. I really abused the snooze button this morning, it was just too hard to get up.

I came across this artist, Urikane Parker, through twitter and there is just something about this drawing that I love. I need to print it out for my cubicle. His work consists mostly of playful typography, meaning he makes words into art.

You can check out more of his work here in his portfolio.


Too Much Art for One Set of Eyes… Cont’d

Esra Roise:


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