Great Expectations

As I mentioned on Friday, Corey and I, along with his two friends Chris and Geoff, went to look at an apartment. The place we ended up looking at was in a good location and the price was right but it just wasn’t up to my standards. The whole grundgy thing looks cool in movies and everything, and sometimes I may even fantasize about being a suffering artist and the whole bit, but in reality I just don’t think I could live like that. There was dirt in every corner of the place, the walls were pealing, it smelled funny, and the kitchen appliances were all missing parts.

We were kind of willing to settle at that point because we figured this apartment was what we could expect to find in our price range. However, Corey and I went to look at two apartments again on Sunday, and that time we had better results. The first one we saw that day was definitely an improvement from Friday’s, but the experience kind of turned me off. We walked in and immediately I wanted to vomit from the smell. The place wasn’t too bad at all but the kitchen was filthy and the appliances were outdated… and someone had left the stove on. We started walking around, looking at the rooms and we opened a bedroom door and there was a tenant passed out on a mattress. Then the landlord went to show us the bathroom and there was a tenant in there as well who had locked himself in and stayed there the duration of the visit. Needless to say, I wasn’t too impressed.

The second place we saw definitely raised my expectations. It was a basement apartment in a small apartment complex called “Hollywood”. The apartment looked as though it had just been renovated and it was spacious in all the right places. Some of the rooms had pipes running across the ceiling but I actually kind of liked the way they looked. The bathroom was equipped with a washer/dryer unit and the girl who was showing us around said that after washing her clothes she would use the pipes as a clothesline.

The four of us were planning to move out somewhere near the end of the summer; however, the move-in date for most apartments right now is May 1st.  We were never really expecting to move into this place but I definitely feel the loss. I hope that we can find a place like this again or else my fantasy about living like a suffering artist just might come true.


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    April 13, 2010 at 9:08 pm


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